Winter Sleeping Bag / Blue

Winter Sleeping Bag / Blue


4-SEASON TEMPERATURE ​- The KEENFLEX 4-season sleeping bag has been laboratory tested in line with the latest global standards (ISO 235 37-1: 2016) with a certified comfortable sleeping temperature of 0°C​ and extreme temperature of -23.4°C. It will keep you warm all year round, from warm summers to icy winters!

SUPER WIDE FOR EXTRA COMFORT -​ This sleeping bag’s 85cm width gives you more space than regular sleeping bags, while still feeling snug thanks to the extra-thick insulation. And for any sub zero camping, there’s enough space for your thick winter pyjamas too!


HEAVY DUTY AUTO ZIP -​ While cheap sleeping bags can unzip themselves when you move around, letting in the cold air, KEENFLEX’s Auto Zip keeps you locked in tight, sleeping soundly, until YOU pull the zipper.


ANTI-TEAR, WATER RESISTANT FABRIC -​ The diamond anti-tear outer structure is both light and water resistant, while the inner is made from comfortable polyester pongee. Shoulder and zipper bafflers ensure heat is fully retained throughout the night.


RANGE OF 4 BEAUTIFUL COLOURS​ ​- ​We currently offer 4 colour options, so your ultra-warm sleeping bag can look as amazing as its performance.