Waterproof Yoga Bag / Orange

Waterproof Yoga Bag / Orange


This waterproof yoga bag is roomy enough to save you a struggle to fit your yoga mat in, yet it doesn't look bulky and holds shape very well even when you fit that little bit of extra in. The adjustable shoulder strap is designed to be wide and provide comfortable carrying experience.

GENEROUS SPACE FOR MAT & ACCESSORIES - Take your yoga mat everywhere! Our yoga bags are perfect for any mat up to 65 cm wide and 8 mm thick. This carry case comes with a little extra room for accessories like a towel or spare shirt.


💦 PREMIUM MATERIAL - The strong textile outer layer combined with our rubber inner coating keeps the Keenflex yoga bag both water and wear resistant. It feels, looks, and acts like the premium product it is!


👍 ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP - Over a shoulder, across your chest, in your hand - our adjustable shoulder strap means you can carry your mat in countless ways. It is designed for optimum comfort for Yogis of any height, any size, and for men and women.


📱 SECURE ZIP POCKET - Keep your valuables safe and in one place, with the Keenflex secure pocket. Your phone, keys, gym card, wallet, earphones - take everything you need for your practice, without cumbersome backpacks.


🧘‍♂️ COMPATIBLE WITH KEENFLEX YOGA MATS - The only bag which fits your Keenflex yoga mats like a glove, plus exact colour matching for those with an eye for style.



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