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Rectangular Camping Mat / Black

Rectangular Camping Mat / Black

This is a real must have if you love camping but don't want to compromise on comfort of sleeping or carry too much weight around. Practical rectangular shape of this self-inflating water resistant camping mat allows for a seamless double bed when you use two of them next to each other in our double tent. With its 1350g we are proud to classify it as ultralight, yet it is extra large in width and length and it is 4cm thick.


This mat will be ideal for any outdoor activity from camping and backpacking to summer festivals and garden sleepovers and you will love how much sleeping surface it provides.

🛌 TOTAL COMFORT - Extra-thick with 4cm depth, this is our most supportive camping mat ever. You can pop down on uneven ground and not feel a thing! This mat is designed to trap warm air and is extra large, so you can sleep without fear of ‘falling off’ onto the ground.


👍 EASY TO USE - Sleeping should always be hassle-free. Our mats self-inflate up to 65% capacity, and you can “top up” to a firmness that suits you. We’ve developed a brass valve that’s smaller + more robust than any plastic valve, for lifelong use. The ground-facing side is a calm grey, so you always lay your mat the right way up.


💦 DURABLE & WATER RESISTANT - Keenflex mats are water resistant (for any nasty surprises) and come with a handy repair kit for emergencies, so you can sleep easy in any conditions.


🍃 LIGHT & COMPACT - Despite its extra large size, rectangular shape and comfortable padding, this mat is ergonomically designed and with its 1350g weighs less than our mummy camping mat. Therefore you will enjoy its ultralight weight.