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Alpine Sleeping Bag / Blue

Alpine Sleeping Bag / Blue

Our 3-season 1800 g Alpine sleeping bag offers excellent weight to warmth ratio with extreme temperature at -18.1°C. If you prefer to share the sleeping space with your partner or just want to enjoy better accessibility of your sleeping bag, you will appreciate our dual auto-lock zipper and XL length + width. Overall this is our most versatile sleeping bag.

ULTRA WARM 3-SEASON DESIGN - Our Alpine 3-season sleeping bag is packed with insulation so users can camp right on the fringes of winter. With an extreme temperature of -18.1°C (ISO 235 37-1: 2016) seasoned campers can even use this bag in winter - as long as they’re used to the chill! 


ROOMIER THAN COMPETITORS - Most 3-season bags are cramped. By adding extra 10 cm ours is extra long (210 cm) and wide (85 cm) to accommodate above-average-sized campers, create comfort, and allow users to wear extra layers of clothes during the cold.


HIGH PERFORMANCE DUAL ZIPS - Our SBS Anti-Snag Auto-Lock zips never pop open while you’re sleeping, and the dual zip design with zips and full length baffles on both sides allows right and left-handers to zip up with ease. Exit either side overnight or even connect up to your partner’s sleeping bag.


ANTI-TEAR, WATER RESISTANT FABRIC - The rectangular anti-tear structure protects against sharp objects and ensures accidental punctures cannot widen. A permanent water-resistant coating is applied to the entire sleeping bag. Shoulder and zipper baffles ensure heat is fully retained throughout the night. Users are safe from wind, rain and careless friends!


CHOICE OF 4 VIBRANT COLOURS - Currently available in 4 stunning colours: Blue, Green, Red and Orange. The eye-catching design is modern and stylish without a designer price tag.



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