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​Your camping might not be 5-star, but your sleep can be. Our Mummy Camping Mats are extra thick, with a slightly wavy surface providing a cushioned night’s sleep on any terrain, in any weather.

Stay Nice & Warm

We know how crucial a good night’s sleep is after a long day. Our wavy sleeping surface doesn’t just add comfort - it helps your body retain heat, all night, even on cold winter ground!

Durable & Water Resistant

KeenFlex mats are water resistant (for any nasty surprises) and the extra-thick, durable bottom layer prevents common punctures. We even supply a repair kit for emergencies!

Light & Compact

 By optimising the shape of our sleeping mats, we've kept them light (only 1.4kg!) without compromising on comfort or durability. Enjoy a perfect night's sleep, every night.

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